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      Blender at CTNX 2019

      CTN animation eXpo 2019 (Burbank – CA, November 21-24) affectionately known as CTNX, is an event that brings together talents from the animation industry, worldwide. For the first time Blender will have a presence in the exhibition floor (B64-B65) and is going to take part in 3 events, featuring artists from the Blender Animation studio crew.

      Blender CTN 2019

      Presentations and Panels

      Blender will be represented at the following events:

      Friday 22 at 5 PMShort film production with Blender, with Julien Kaspar, Hjalti Hjalmarsson and Francesco Siddi at Theater 1
      Saturday 23 at 5 PMBlender Speed Sculpting Live Session, with Julien Kaspar, at the Featured Artist Demo Stage
      Sunday 24 at 12 PMThe Hand of Animation, with Halti Hjalmarsson at Theater 5

      Come and see us!

      If you are attending CTNX and would like to hang out on Thursday, get in touch with francesco@blender.org or reach out to us directly on social media!

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